If you know me well enough, it’s not comfortable at all when it comes to talk about myself. So how do I do this now? Well, let me avoid all the cliches and share some honest realities about me.

I’m the father of a boy who totally rocked my world, husband of the woman of my dreams who led me to what I am today, a cat owner which somehow manages to drive me absolutely mad. I am a huge fan of travel, music and the arts, enthusiastic with the contemporary and the unusual. I am absolutely fascinated with human connection and obsessed with meeting and observing personalities. It’s not a mystery why I chose photography to make a living, being the only thing out there that totally fulfils my needs. My photographs are not about perfection, they’re all about perception. That's the way I prefer to look at characters, situations, emotions, and beauty of all sorts. I strive to capture authentic and genuine moments, wherever they might be. I enjoy creating true stories served in a vivid cinematic texture. I am so thankful to my wonderful clients who put all their trust in me.